Understanding Regression Can Be The Next Step To Understanding Autism


New autism study finds that regression marks one in five autism cases. What is regression? Some children start to lose their developmental skills they already gained at age 2. This phenomenon is called regression and according to the studies, regression … Continue reading

What Video Game Can Help Autistic Children To Develop Social Skills?


Autism deeply affects our lives nowadays, and, according to the recent CDC reports, the number of children identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder has increased from 1 in 150 children to 1 in 68 children. The situation is the same disturbing … Continue reading

Is Autism Male’s Disease Only?


For decades, the scientists and autism researchers have been studying the appearance of autism among boys and men. But recently, we found that  new studies have been launched among the women and girls. It’s been a long time since people thought … Continue reading

Tony Braxton’s Son “Is Off the Spectrum.”


We simply can’t pass over the latest good news! In Tony Braxton’s recent interview with Access Hollywood’s Kit Hoover and Nina Parker, the seven-time Grammy winner announced her exciting family news: her son Diezel “is off the spectrum.” Diezel was … Continue reading

Toys for Children with Autism


Toys and games are a source of joy for kids and parents. In the case of autistic children, your toys and games should not only be fun but also be educational and should help to develop social, sensory, language skills, etc. Continue reading

MSG-Free Diets for Autistic Children


Dr. Reid studied the influence of products with MSG on her daughter’s autism symptoms and found that glutamate was responsible for transmitting signals between neurons and other cells, which aggravated autism symptoms. Continue reading

Dogs CAN help children with autism spectrum disorder


British researchers have been following families with autistic children who have a dog and have noticed a positive effect. Continue reading

A-Z – a Year of Routine 

Picture of Rivky

“The whole concept is using reinforcement to encourage children to not only do what they need to do, but to turn an undesirable task into an intrinsically motivating experience that the students want to do”. – Rivky Ismach Continue reading

Film Raises Questions on Autism in Adulthood


To this day, many still do not understand the nature of autism and our culture still does not have a solid solution for autistic children after their parents die. Continue reading