Making Live Shows More Autism-Friendly


Many performance companies are changing the perception of live theater for children with ASD, making it more inviting and comfortable for them. Continue reading

14-Year-Old Autistic Boy Finds Happiness through Art


John was having a difficult time trying to communicate and demonstrated a tendency to act rather aggressively. However, this all changed once he discovered his passion towards painting. Continue reading

Teaching Children about their Autistic Peers


Although adults are fully aware of the growing autistic population, it is important for young children to be introduced to the disorder, and learn how to treat their peers with respect. Continue reading

Teachers and Students bond with Dance Therapy


The most impactful teachers are the ones who foster a genuine connection with their students. Building bonds, spreading enthusiasm, and finding a common ground allows for a positive and supportive classroom environment. Successful teachers go beyond their roles as educators. They … Continue reading

Daniel Tiger Becomes Autistic Boy’s Guide to Social Life

daniel tiger autistic life lessons

Daniel Tiger, a recent creation of PBS, provides life lessons for all children, but his teachings are particularly effective for those who have trouble reading social cues.  Daniel Tiger is a relatable preschooler who wears a red cardigan and has … Continue reading