California Parents Didn’t Tell Their Daughter She’s Autistic

autistic daughter

Soon, Leanne realized something needed to be done and was transferred to counseling. It was then that she learned her disability wasn’t something she needed to get rid of. She is now an advocate for others. Continue reading

Finding the Right Words to Say: Accommodating Nonverbal Speakers

nonverbal autistic

Families of nonverbal speakers have to work harder than most to create an environment in which the individual not only gets attention, but has their needs and desires met. Continue reading

New Lego Therapy to Help Build Communication

lego therapy for autism

The idea is that using Legos will encourage children to have more meaningful interaction and communication with their peers. Children with autism are often attracted to this kind of toy because it’s systematic, and building with them uses elements of predictability in a highly structured way. Continue reading

Innovative Sensory Therapy Shows Promising Results

autism therapy

Ali Latvala took her autistic son to the New Path Development Center and, within days, was able to notice dramatic results from his sensory therapy. Continue reading

Autism Resource Shop Opens in the Bay Area

twilight turtle for autism kids

Online retailer Natural Autism Resources recently opened a store in the San Fransisco Bay area. It is the first of its kind on the west coast and third in the whole country. Continue reading

A Passport to Understanding the Nonverbal

nonverbal communication autism

Those who are nonverbal have little means to properly alert caregivers to their ailments. To combat this, the National Autistic Society has created “passports” for such autistics that they carry on them, detailing their medical history and needs. Continue reading

Interpreting the Correlation between Infant Communication and Autism Onset

autism diagnosis

Green’s intervention plan consists of training parents to recognize and interpret attempts at communication, fostering an interest in the infant’s changing attentions, and translating gestures into words to build verbal understanding. Continue reading