Effective Treatments for Autism?: Gluten-Free, Vitamins, and Other Alternatives

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ICare4Autism Adviser Advocates With “1000 Ausome Things” Flashblog Today







Today, Ariana Zurcher is hosting the Autism Positivity 2013 Flashblog event where anyone can contribute, seasoned blogger or not. This year’s theme is 1000 Ausome Things. The community-building project is a beautiful way to conclude Autism Awareness Month. Ariane Zurcher champions autism rights across the blogosphere with her personal writings, Emma’s Hope Book, and her contributions to widely circulated resources like the Huffington Post. Zurcher began her saga with autism when her daughter, Emma, was diagnosed. She works to expose the mistreatment of autistics, dissemination of misleading resources for caregivers of autistics, and the cultural assumptions of disability as unable, rather than differently able.

In her Huffington Post article, “What I Wish I’d Been Made Aware of When My Daughter Was Diagnosed With Autism” and her journalistic writings shared in Emma’s Hope Book, Zurcher accentuates the “ausome” qualities of autism. She demands that autism not be seen as a disease, but a people, like any other, with there own strengths and strangeness. She encourages skepticism of experts who claim knowledge of causes or treatment. Throughout Zurcher’s writings, she maintains a motto of confidence: confidence in your child’s competency, confidence in non-verbal communication (whether guided or intuitive), and confidence in your ability as caregiver.

The International Center for Autism Research & Education feels blessed to have Ariana Zurcher among our advisory committee, providing her scrupulously honest opinions.

To read the inspiring, reflective contributions of a community of caregivers, advocates, and autistics themselves or to share something ausome—visit Autism Positivity today.