Autism Goes Viral—On The Web, A Few of Our Favorite Blogs






The blogosphere has opened up a cyber-consciousness of daily reflections, trials, tribulations, and inspiring anecdotes. One man’s personal ramblings are another man’s insightful resource. But blogs can end up like locked diaries if lost in the internet-abyss, so we are passing on a few of our favorites to keep the dialogue going. Though blogs are relatively easy to produce through various blog-hosting sites, sharing personal stories and ideas may not be so easy. Non-bloggers can broaden the community of support by simply sharing a site name or commenting on a post. Yesterday’s flash blog event, #AutismPositivity2013, opened up the autism dialogue for non-bloggers even more, inviting anyone to share their thoughts or stories by submission and ensuring their additions would not sink into the abyss by promoting the blog site and flash blog event in advance.

A member of the #AutismPositivity2013 flash blog team happens to be one of our favorite autism bloggers: Ariane Zurcher of Emma’s Hope Book, an inspirational and informative personal saga written by the parent of an autistic. Zurcher is writing is so honest, poignant, and fluid that we would not be surprised to see these posts laced together in a book sometime down-the-road.

While moms, like Zurcher and Kristina Chew of the heartwarming—and religiously updated—We Go With Him, tend to blog more often than pops, one dad’s blog brightens our day. Austintistic is a dad’s love note to his son, Austin, who has autism and osteogenesis-imperfect, ODD, ADHD, RLS, OCD… you get the idea? Austintistic puts life into perspective with humbling humor and fatherly audoration. The blogger, Scott LeReette, has recently published a book “The Unbreakable Boy,” which you can find at

With awareness growing and autism topical, doctors are diagnosing high functioning variations of autism among adults more and more. Often these diagnoses are spurred by a child’s diagnosis drawing attention to a parent’s behavior.  Writer of another favorite of ours, A Quiet Week In The House, reflects on the life of an autistic mother of an autistic child, accentuating the “ausome” characteristics of autism and providing insight from a variety of perspectives. Blogger Lori’s son was diagnosed with autism in 2009, followed a year later by her father with Asperger’s, and then, herself. Lori creatively expresses and tracks her emotional experience with beautiful scrapbook style graphs and charts.

Art expresses the autistic experience so often better than words. Autism advocate, matt, illustrates the inside scoop on what it is to be autistic in a different medium and style than Lori, with cartoons and comics on his blog Dude, I’m An Aspie. This blog is charming, honest, and just plain funny—definitely an SKHOV favorite.

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