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Animal Assisted Therapy offers many benefits including Deep Pressure Therapy.

In earlier blog posts we touched upon animal assisted therapy for autism and have even reported a time or two about service dogs and the individuals they assist. Continue reading

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Interacting With Animals May Have Big Health Benefits For Children With Autism

It is believed that animal assisted therapy has a calming effect for individuals on the autism spectrum. Continue reading

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Success Stories: Rescue Dog Helps Autistic Boy Communicate

At a fundraiser for an animal rescue center, an unlikely couple changed each other’s lives forever: a dog recovering from atrocious abuse ran up to an autistic little boy, demanding his friendship and inspiring him to communicate. Johnny, the young boy, has made a video for autism awareness / prevention of cruelty to animals month! Read their story and check out Johnny speaking about understanding in his video. Continue reading

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Animal Therapy for Autism

Humans have a strong, unexplained bond with their pets, and the rewards are evident in most people, with or without disabilities. In autistic children, the benefits of pet therapy are being explored more and more. How can an animal assist in the development of a child with ASD? Continue reading

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Animal-assisted Therapy Yields Amazing Results for Autistic Children

Animal-assisted therapy has proven to be very successful in providing physical and emotional benefits to children with autism. Continue reading

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