Fear of Parents: autism and related developmental disorders.

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Expecting a child is a magical and worrying period of every parent time. Parents are very concerned about health and welfare their future child. Unfortunately, autism is turning into a real epidemic since the numbers of children diagnosed with ASD … Continue reading

How to Stop Wandering: Some Tips for Parents


Being a parent to autistic child is challenging but their love does miracles. Every child and every case is special and unique. Of course, parents have already surfed the Internet and other resources, including books, phone apps to help them … Continue reading

How seasons influence the risk of developing autism in children?


Winter is a magical season… We usually wait for the holiday and for the presents, no matter how old we are. We start to believe in all good things, believe that this season will be special, our dreams will come … Continue reading

Playing Xbox AT SCHOOL?

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Xbox Kinect is being used an educational device for students with ASD and is having incredible results thus far. Continue reading

California Parents Didn’t Tell Their Daughter She’s Autistic

autistic daughter

Soon, Leanne realized something needed to be done and was transferred to counseling. It was then that she learned her disability wasn’t something she needed to get rid of. She is now an advocate for others. Continue reading

Being “Autism Friendly” from a Mother’s Perspective

autism friendly performance

After being forced to move her autistic daughter to the back of the auditorium during a symphony orchestra performance, Julia Marshall states that there are many ways to be “autism-friendly”. Continue reading

Television Star Addressed Hurtful Comment in a Powerful Letter

letter addressing autism bullying

Recently, an insensitive comment was posted on Facebook that struck a chord with Laurita. The commenter suggested that it was wrong to give birth to a child with autism because it would be a waste of resources. Continue reading

California Ranch Would Provide Work and Direction for Adults with Autism

Autistic Farm Workers

Every year, approximately 50,000 people with autism graduate from the school system. That’s as large as many US cities. In Solano County, California, Jeanine Stanley wants to bring to fruition a ranch that would give some of these young adults … Continue reading