KOTRA Comes to Shema Kolainu

KOTRA, Korean Trade & Investment Promotion Agency, is a South Korean government based organization, dedicated to promoting trade and direct investment in various Korean industries. Their representatives reached out to introduce Goodis, a Korean company that promotes collaborations with special needs art students, to develop commercial designs from their original works of art.

This morning, the representatives joined our students at Shema Kolainu for what turned out to be a wonderful and meaningful experience. The students took part in an art session, created beautiful projects with markers and pastels. Both parties enjoyed watching our children learn about different shapes and colors. Each student received a gift bag filled with art materials to continue their art education at home.

Art has been proven to be an effective intervention for children with autism because they are visually centered in their learning. This means they understand what they see better than what they hear. Art can also enhance their communication skills, improve cognitive and motor skills, and helps improve their sensory integration.

The staff was extremely happy to take part in such an experience, as everyone at Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices is dedicated to promoting art education.

Art Therapy for Children With Autism

Art has always been an effective form of self-expression, whether in a visual, performance, or interactive setting.  It gives us the opportunity to create something in the world that is a true representation of ourselves.  It allows us to communicate through a completely different channel other than using words.  This is especially true in individuals with autism. Continue reading