Co-op Helps Children with Autism Get iPads

Ipads for Autism

For parents of children with autism, the iPad has been a godsend. And now, thanks to the help of an electric cooperative, anIndianaschool has been able to get several of the devices to help students with autism learn. Continue reading

Researchers, Educators and Policymakers Meet in Jerusalem to Combat Escalating Crisis

ICare4Autism conference call for posters from students in autism research

On August 1-2, 2012, more than 1,500 leaders in autism research, educationand policy from every continent will gather in Jerusalem, Israel, for ICare4Autism‘s 2012 International Conference, “Autism: A Global Perspective“.

Dr.Joshua Weinstein, CEO & Founder indicated that the, “Conference will highlight groundbreaking research into the causes and treatments of Autism Spectrum Disorders, and serve as a catalyst for powerful new collaborations to tackle the global autism crisis”.

Students from around the world are invited to present their autism research at a poster session. One poster will be selected by the review committee to receive a scholarship to attend the Conference.  The scholarship will cover travel, hotel accommodations and conference registration fee. The scholarship winner will also be invited to participate on one of the Conference panels. The Poster Session consists of physical displays (aka posters) of information shown during a 60-90 minute session, with presenters standing by their poster reporting empirical research and pilot projects for future research.  Attendees have the opportunity to speak with the presenters about their work.

Dame Stephanie Shirley, The British Government’s Founding Ambassador for Philanthropy, and Chairman of the Shirley Foundation, will deliver the Keynote Address and The First Lady of Panama Mrs. Marta Linares de Martinelli will be giving opening remarks.

They will be joined by distinguished researchers and practitioners from more than 20 countries who will unveil their latest biomedical discoveries andeducational innovations. Attendees will tour the campus where ICare4Autism will open the world’s first Global Autism Research and Education Center in 2015.

Using Toys to Help Children with Autism Learn

Using Toys to Help Children with Autism LearnWe often think of toys primarily providing children with entertainment but so much learning can be done through play. Here are some different play options to help children with autism to develop in different ways; Continue reading

Study on Self-injurious Behavior could Identify Early Risk Markers

The Cerebra Center for Neurodevelopmental Disorders at the University of Birmingham is currently conducting research to hopefully identify early risk markers of self-injurious behavior.  They are conducting five complementary studies examining the amount, forms and causes of self-injury in people with autism. Continue reading

Autism Workshop Teaches Adaptive Daily Living Skills

Shema Kolainu's Educational Coordinator Chani Katz, MA, BCBA, fields a question.

Parents and professionals were welcomed into Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices today for a free autism workshop. Continue reading

Parents Push for a Wider Spectrum of Autism Research

Parents Push for a Wider Spectrum of Autism ResearchMany parents of children with autism have often been ahead of his doctors and caregivers in coming up with new ways to help their children.

Science and medicine coming around to parents’ view of the condition, and a more nuanced outlook is slowly emerging: Autism is not just an issue with the brain. Continue reading

Autism Wandering

autism wanderingThere are various reasons someone with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may wander, but mainly they are looking to either get to something or away from something. Wandering occurrences tend to increase in warmer months when persons with ASD are more likely to play outside or attend summer or day camps. Continue reading

Siblings of Those with Autism

Research indicates that the majority of brothers and sisters of children with autism cope well with their experiences. That does not mean, however, that they do not encounter special challenges in learning how to deal with a sibling who has autism or a related disorder.

With more children being diagnosed with autism, and many within a family where several children are neuro-typical, it’s raised some questions on how these children feel about their sibling with autism taking more time and attention from their parents. Continue reading

Music Therapy for Autism

Music Therapy at Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices

Music Therapy at Shema Kolainu - Hear Our Voices

After covering how one boy’s hidden talent was discovered through music therapy, we thought we’d take a closer look at how music therapy works. Continue reading

Children with Autism get Great Benefits from Using Computers

Children with Autism get Great Benefits from Computers

Simon Baron-Cohen is professor of Developmental Psychopathology in the Departments of Psychiatry and Experimental Psychology at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

Recent studies by Nottingham University and Carnegie Mellon University have shown the enormous benefits and functionality that those in the autism spectrum experience when using computers. Continue reading