Shema Kolainu Workshops


Many of you may are aware of our popular ongoing workshops that Shema Kolainu hosts throughout the year. Yesterday we organized the second one of the school year at Hotel Pennsylvania in Manhattan. Our guest speaker was Alexa Moses- OTR, … Continue reading

POINT Program to Help Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities Live Independently

The POINT program through Westchester Jewish Community Services (WJCS) and Jewish Child Care Association (JCCA) provides young adults over the age of 21 with developmental and learning disabilities to live independently in White Plains, New York. Each participant has the opportunity to participate in vocational training and social activities such as movies, card tournaments, Special Olympics, sports activities, and volunteer opportunities. Each person also receives the support needed, through their families and professionals in the area. As listed on their website, many services are available including:

  • Counseling and social skills training
  • Social and recreational opportunities
  • Exercise and sports
  • Travel training and local and regional trips
  • Service coordination and benefits management
  • Life skills training in housekeeping, cooking and money and time management
  • Vocational specialists providing counseling, job development and training

Another impressive and important feature of the program is that all participants engage in employment or education, with 50% involved in paying employment. As many know, finding and sustaining employment is quite difficult for people with developmental and learning disabilities.

Families are essential to the program, as they form committees involved in maintaining the success of the program and creating new opportunities for the participants. Participants are required to be able to take medicine independently, and should have experience living away from home. To learn more about the program, visit POINT’s website.