Film Raises Questions on Autism in Adulthood


To this day, many still do not understand the nature of autism and our culture still does not have a solid solution for autistic children after their parents die. Continue reading

Effective Treatments for Autism?: Gluten-Free, Vitamins, and Other Alternatives

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There is some evidence that certain treatments are helpful. Continue reading

ABCs of the IEP


Individualized Educations Program (IEP) meetings are an important part of giving your child the best education to help them succeed. IEPs are personalized for each child and their families so that the school and staff can work at the child’s … Continue reading

Autistic Kids Are Just as Fit, But They’d Rather Sit

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A new study out of Oregon State University has concluded that children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are more sedentary than their neurotypical peers. The study also found that the children with ASD were just as physically capable as their typically-developing peers in terms of body mass index, aerobic fitness, and flexibility. Continue reading

Important Questions to Ask Your Autistic Child’s Teacher

parent-teacher conference

We’re about a month into the new school year, and for parents of children on the autism spectrum, getting the information you need about how they’re doing in school can be even more difficult than it is for parents of “neurotypical” children. This is partly due to the difficulties many autistic children have with communication in general, but also because their perspective on their social progress and behavior can be very different. Continue reading

Court Allows Boy with Autism to Keep Therapeutic Chickens


The DeBary City Council is letting J.J. Hart, a three-year-old boy from Florida, keep his therapeutic chickens. Continue reading