14-Year-Old Autistic Boy Finds Happiness through Art


John was having a difficult time trying to communicate and demonstrated a tendency to act rather aggressively. However, this all changed once he discovered his passion towards painting. Continue reading

Teaching Children about their Autistic Peers


Although adults are fully aware of the growing autistic population, it is important for young children to be introduced to the disorder, and learn how to treat their peers with respect. Continue reading

Using the Brain to Diagnose Autism

(Photo: http://nhahealth.com/social-disorders-autism-aspergers/)

Marcel Just, a psychology professor and the director of the Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging at Carnegie Mellon University, along with his research team have published new research that would allow us to accurately diagnose autism with 97% certainty. As … Continue reading

Sticks and Stones and Autism Break Bones

x-ray of open hand

A new autism study has found that people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have much higher rates of bone fracture than people not on the spectrum. This may be due in part to decreased bone density and partly to common differences in nutrition and exercise among the autistic population. Continue reading

Video Game Therapy for Autistics

video game therapy

A recent study from Vanderbilt University found that what children with autism hear is often out of sync with what they see. Researchers are now in the testing phase of an interactive video game that they designed to retrain autistic brains in how they link different sensory input. Continue reading

The Benefits of Early Behavioral Intervention

Researchers have analyzed the success of early behavioral interventions. (photo: specialedpost.com)

A recent review provides evidence of the effectiveness of early intervention, specifically interventions with behavioral approaches based on applied behavioral analysis (ABA) principles. Continue reading