Autism Resource Shop Opens in the Bay Area

twilight turtle for autism kids

Online retailer Natural Autism Resources recently opened a store in the San Fransisco Bay area. It is the first of its kind on the west coast and third in the whole country. Continue reading

Robot Tutor for Children with Autism

robots helping autism

A Texas-based company called RoboKind has recently developed an innovative teaching tool geared towards children with Autism. They hope to help children with expressing empathy, self-motivation, and how to navigate social situations. Continue reading

Video Therapy Improving Life for Children with Autism

video therapy autism

The videos allowed the families the opportunity to see their child’s likes, dislikes, and triggers. Studies have typically made the person living with autism the subject, but this study makes the family the subject for evaluation. Continue reading

Nonverbal Children Show Marked Improvement Using Video Series


  An innovative yet relatively simple video series therapy may prove effective in treating speech disorders. Laura Kasbar’s twins were diagnosed with autism as young children. They did not respond to the speech therapies offered to them, so Kasbar realized … Continue reading

Sensory Chairs Comfortably Snuggle Children with Autism

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A group of engineering students at a Kansas City High School have developed a special piece of furniture that provides comfort to anxious children, which they hope to patent soon. Stuart Jackson, a concerned father from the local community, approached … Continue reading

New Kickboxing Therapy Helps Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder

kickboxing for austism

Fighting for Autism is starting a new trial for using kickboxing as a form of therapy for kids on the spectrum. The managing director of US of Fighting for Autism, Brian Higginbotham, who is overseeing their kickboxing therapy program, says “Their … Continue reading

Video Game Therapy for Autistics

video game therapy

A recent study from Vanderbilt University found that what children with autism hear is often out of sync with what they see. Researchers are now in the testing phase of an interactive video game that they designed to retrain autistic brains in how they link different sensory input. Continue reading

Tablets Help Autistic Kids Maximize Language Skills

speech generation device

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry suggests that using tablets with speech generating applications in the context of blended, adaptive treatment can help minimally verbal children make significant and rapid gains in their language skills. Continue reading