Autistic Teens Start with Gumball Machines to Learn Business Management

autism gumball machine business

While you are out and about in your local mall or your local doctors office, you may see a gumball machine. Simply put in a quarter, turn the knob, and a gumball drops out of the chute. Something you may … Continue reading

Bowling League Helps Autistic Teens Socialize

High-functioning autistic teens in Cary, North Carolina have found being part of a bowling league to be hugely beneficial for a lot more than just their bowling score.  Cary Youth Aspie Bowling League, established by Karen Scandariato who has two children with Asperger’s, has proven to be a great way for the members to improve their social skills.

It is common for those with Asperger’s syndrome to have difficulty in social situations and find it hard to make friends.  Scandariato has found a way to provide the participants with a supportive environment to foster their social skills.  Rewards are offered when the teens demonstrate things like empathy or compassion.

Taking part in the bowling league is also beneficial for the parents.  Scandariato finds that she sometimes has to pull parents aside when they are assisting their children too much or trying to rescue them for difficult social situations.

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