Mom with Asperger’s Struggles to Regain Custody of Autistic Daughters






Linda Souza is a San Diego mother fighting to regain custody of her two daughters, both affected by autism spectrum disorder, who she claims were unjustly removed from her guardianship.  Linda was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, and argues that she is a victim of discrimination, pointing to widespread injustice in the legal system that robs developmentally delayed adults of their basic rights. Linda’s oldest daughter Amber, 28, describes her mother as a dedicated and caring parent who carefully tended to her daughters special needs. Amber claims that her 13-year old sister’s specific dietary and medical requirements are being overlooked in state-run care, and petitions to have her sisters returned to her mother’s custody.

This case is particularly saddening, and points to larger need for a conversation among advocates and policy-makers regarding the rights of developmentally delayed adults. Linda uses her blog to publicize her mission, and also as a creative showcase for her photography and video work.  You can visit Linda’s site here: