New Companies Hiring Autistic People for Their Unique Skills

A new company called Meticulon is looking to specifically hire people with autism to be specialized information technology consultants.

The chief technical coach of the company, Michael D’Souza, explains that there are many benefits of hiring autistic people.

“They can focus strongly on a particular task and identify problems the rest of us might miss,” he said. “A neurotypical person’s brain can gloss over errors in repetitive tasks. An autistic person’s brain won’t.”

The company has financial support from Autism Calgary and Sinneave Family foundation, but strives to start generating a profit.

The company’s website explains its confidence in having the best services because its employees, who are all autistic, have “exceptional qualities”. Meticulon claims to therefore provide “the highest quality consultants in our industry”.

Similar companies have been previously founded in Europe and have done well, such as the Danish firm Specialisterne and the Belgian company Passewerk.

Finding a job with autism can be extremely difficult. Standard companies find it challenging to hire those with autism because of the unique resources and types of support they need. It’s difficult and costly for companies to build a support network for a person with autism.

But companies like Meticulon are seeking to change that situation, to make sure that autistic people are hired and also feel comfortable at their job. They provide the guidance and support in the work place that prevents autistic workers from becoming overwhelmed by difficult social situations they occasionally face in a job.

The application process to get employed by Meticulon is not easy, however. There’s an assessment process to figure out the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses and to measure their abilities, and then applicants go through a multi-week training program.

The company’s goal is to have employees who are extremely specialized, loyal and attentive workers. This is how they will compete in the consulting market. The company really believes that its employees will be the best.

By: Rachel Schranck