The Incredible Progression of a Young Shema Kolainu Student

Like many children that have been diagnosed with Autism, 3-year old Daniel would refuse to communicate with words or even gestures. He would get frustrated to the point of tears, and would end up banging his head or pulling the hair of his teachers. They tried to get him to join in with social groups within his preschool class at Shema Kolainu, but he simply refused. Despite the fact that Daniel did not want to communicate, his teachers never gave up on trying, and were hopeful that one day he might find a way to express himself. What happened next was beyond what anyone would have expected.


Daniel learned to use a board that had photos of some of his favorite toys and things that he liked. His teachers hoped that he would repeat the names of these items after they said them, because he would not feel as threatened or afraid to communicate about an item that he truly enjoyed. Eventually, Daniel began repeating words regarding things he liked. He would speak one word, such as “iPad”, “truck”, or “ball”. His communication abilities expanded further when he began saying that he would “want” each specific item. His ability to convey his longing to hold a specific item, is truly astounding, and his journey from being non-verbal to being able to express himself, is nothing short of miraculous.