ALEC: First Responder Training Program

first responders and autism

We recently posted about a program called BOLO (Bring Our Loved Ones home) from Delhi Township, Ohio. Since its start, it has proven to be an extremely helpful tool for police officers in locating and returning lost loved ones to … Continue reading

Summertime Safety


Keeping an eye on your child can be a challenging task especially now that summer is here and kids want to play outside or go to parks and beaches with their families. This task can be especially challenging for families with autistic … Continue reading

Autism Wandering

autism wanderingThere are various reasons someone with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may wander, but mainly they are looking to either get to something or away from something. Wandering occurrences tend to increase in warmer months when persons with ASD are more likely to play outside or attend summer or day camps. Continue reading

New Tool To Find Autistic Children Who Have Wandered

Pierce County is using cell phone technology and a fitted personal device to track down people who have wandered outside of the safety of supervised environments.

Autistic children lacking a natural sense of danger may go out on their own in search of one of their favorite locations – anything from their local park, body of water or train tracks.

Parents of children with autism and an adventurous spirit have long had cause for concern. Locks can only do so much as children grow, get smarter and have more desire for freedom.  Project Locate, which uses this technology, is providing families a great deal of relief. 

Made by Texas-based EmFinders, the EmSeeQ device works on the same technology that can locate a cell phone’s position. The device looks like a bulky old-style digital watch, works on a rechargeable battery and can be worn on either wrist or ankle.

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