Autism Mom Shares Tips for a Healthy Marriage

tips for maintaining marriage with autism

There’s no doubt that extra stress on a relationship can cause some issues. However, Julie Green has plenty of advice to share on how to keep your marriage strong while having a child with special needs. Continue reading

Autism Parenting: High Stress, High Rewards

stressed out mother

Mothers of adolescents and adults with autism show signs of chronic stress similar to soldiers in combat and struggle with recurring fatigue and work interruptions, new studies report. These mothers also devote significantly more time caregiving than those with non-disabled children. Continue reading

ABCs of the IEP


Individualized Educations Program (IEP) meetings are an important part of giving your child the best education to help them succeed. IEPs are personalized for each child and their families so that the school and staff can work at the child’s … Continue reading

Did you do those errands yet?


Many parents with children on the spectrum face challenges in taking their child out into a variety of public settings. For Katrina Davis, a family services advisor, she thinks of all the places her son can’t go every time she … Continue reading

Autism Parents Create Life Changing App

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Parents with children on the spectrum are constantly looking for innovative ways to help their child develop the skills they need lead happy lives. One couple in metro Detroit has come up with an in genius idea to help parents … Continue reading