NY State Senator Eric Adams Visits Shema Kolainu-Hear Our Voices

NY State Senator Eric Adams joined Dr. Weinstein and his team at in Brooklyn, NY on the first of June 2012. His smile and caring personality lit up each room The Senator entered. Children ran to meet this generous man. With the addition of each room and educational system, Senator Adams seemed to be impressed further.

While touring the facility, the team had the pleasure of introducing The Senator to a child who, when he entered the school, did not speak. The teacher allowed herself to be held tightly by the child’s small arms. She told Senator Adams, “Ask him what his favorite food is.” The answer was cookies. The response was an outstanding “wow” of appreciation. On this day each visitor was able to experience first hand the changes and growth children make at Shema Kolainu.

Throughout the time together, Senator Adams appeared humbled by the work that is happing at Shema Kolainu. In a soft undertone he thanked teachers personally on the way out of the room. “Thank you for the work you are doing.” Shema Kolainu extends the same thanks to Senator Adams. It was a true honor to be able to extend a visit to him.

Boy with Autism Bullied by Teachers

Stuart Chaifetz plays with his son Akian Photo: Mel Evans / AP

Stuart Chaifetz plays with his son Akian

Stuart Chaifetz put a wire on his 10 year-old son with autism, Aikan and recorded staff in his elementary school in Cherry Hill calling the child “a bastard,” talking about vomiting that morning due to a hangover, and apparently teasing the child to the point where he had a “half-hour meltdown.”  Continue reading