Service Dogs Provide Assistance to Families Affected by Autism

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  Silas, a young boy who struggles with autism, may soon receive the help of a four legged friend to navigate through his daily tasks. The 5 year old boy from Cincinatti, Ohio is playful and expressive, but is unable … Continue reading

Dogs May Be Able to Increase Concentration and Socialization in Children with ASD


Studies have shown that autistic children that take part in therapies involving animals, particularly dogs, tend to be more relaxed and can have a better ability to concentrate. Continue reading

Animal Therapy for Autism

Animals have been used for years as a form of therapy and service for individuals with disabilities. Whether as household pets, structured animal programs, or supervised interactions, the benefits of a furry friend are often undeniable. There are countless amounts of volunteers that share their pets with others, service dogs to aid in vision or hearing impairments, as well as families that aren’t complete without their beloved pet. Humans have a strong, unexplained bond with their pets, and the rewards are evident in most people, with or without disabilities. In autistic children, the benefits of pet therapy are being explored more and more. How can an animal assist in the development of a child with ASD? Continue reading