Gallery Exhibits Autistic Student’s Photography

Last night, the You & I gallery in Kennewick, WA displayed the work of 20-year-old Austin Saget, who is an austic. Saget is in his final year of high school and the exhibition featured his senior project. His interest in photography began 5 years ago when his neighbors gave him a film camera. This same neighbor acted as a mentor for Saget , fostering his interest and supporting his outlet. Saget photographs primarily landscape and architectural patterns. Brooke Yunt, co-owner of You & I gallery, describes Saget’s work passionately saying, “This kid has natural talent oozing from his work.”

Saget’s is yet another beautiful success story of coping with ASD. With the encouragement of his community, Saget has found a form of expression that is satisfying and tapped into his talents. At Shema Kolainu we encourage arts education and believe in fostering the individual talents of our children.



For more details about Austin Saget’s exhibition:

Study shows Yoga helps calm students

Kristie Koenig, a researcher at NYU Steinhardt, conducted a study that doing Yoga resulted in a significant decrease in aggressive behavior, social withdrawal and hyperactivity for students with autism attending PS 176X in the Bronx.  The study was done over a 16 weeks period, 17 minutes a day, five days a week.  “We found that teachers’ ratings of students who participated in the daily yoga routine showed improved behavior compared with teachers’ ratings of students who did not,” said Koenig. Continue reading

Auditory therapy may be helpful for children with autism

Parents and teachers of children with autism will tell you how hard it is when they call a child’s name and they don’t respond. This most basic social interaction is often a challenge for children on the autism spectrum and in turn, more complex social exchanges seem hopeless.

“I’m less worried about his academic skills. I want him to be able to be in a room with people and like being there,” said one parent of a child with autism. “I want people to like having him there.” Continue reading

4th Grader Forced Into Ball Bag To “Control His Autistic Behavior”

9-year-old Christopher Baker was forced into a ball bag and the drawstring pulled tight by school employees as a way to “to control his autistic behavior”. His mother said she found him squirming inside as a teacher’s aide stood by.

The case has caused outrage amongst advocates for the autistic, even spurring an online petition calling for the firing of school employees responsible.

Approaching his classroom on Dec. 14, Chris’ mother, Sandra Baker, saw the gym bag. There was a small hole at the top and she heard a familiar voice calling out to her.

Continue reading